Being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in New Jersy is a serious situation. With costly fines and insurance hikes, DWI charges can be a threat to anyone’s financial security. The threats against your money time and freedom need the skilled defense of an attorney that is ready to fight for you. Robert F. Black Jr. is a talented defense attorney who has handled countless DWI cases in Central New Jersey, including Somerset. 

Defense Against all DWI Cases Gavel, Mallet of justice concept

No matter what the situation is, there is a defense that can be made against your charges. Robert is prepared to provide you with a thorough and supportive case. Rob and his team will explore all avenues to protect your rights and freedom, including the appropriateness of your motor vehicle stop, the integrity of the reporting and filing of the appropriate paperwork, and the accuracy of the field sobriety test and drug recognition experts report.

Anyone can make a mistake, but that mistake should not be held over someone for the rest of their life. With the proper defense, you can get the second chance that you deserve. 

Never Compromising Defense

Robert and his skilled team provide experienced DUI defense in a friendly and affordable rate. Robert is a distinguished attorney who focuses on criminal law. He will use his success to protect you, your freedom, and your financial interest. Choosing legal counsel in New Jersy can be difficult, but Robert and his team are committed to helping clients that we can give the best possible outcome. With our free consultation, the Black legal team will help every client as best as possible or refer them to an attorney that can meet their needs. 

Our only goal is to win for you. Contact our office today for legal representation that never gives up on you.