Looking for an Asbury Park Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been arrested and later charged with a crime or traffic offense in Asbury Park, it is critical that you quickly gain an understanding of your options. It is vital that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer with an excellent reputation and a proven track record at your earliest convenience. The Law Offices of Robert F. Black, Jr. represents clients in Asbury Park charged with weapons charges, shoplifting, marijuana possession and a host of other charges. A conviction on the above, and other charges as well, will result in mandatory penalties that may include loss of driving privileges, community service, monetary fees, and up to six months incarceration. Our Monmouth County law firm aggressively defends criminal charges and serious traffic violations. To discuss your circumstances and build a case strategy customized to those circumstances and the facts of your case, talk to an Asbury Park defense attorney at no charge at our Eatontown or Freehold office today at (732) 483-6362.