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New Marijuana Legislation Would Expunge Past Convictions In NJ

New Marijuana Legislation Would “Permit The Expungement Of Certain Marijuana Charges” And Give Thousands Across New Jersey a 2nd Chance   With anti-marijuana Governor Chris Christie’s departure quickly approaching, advocates in the state are getting ready for full legalization Chris Christie is leaving office in January. And with him gone, legalization advocates seem confident that New… Read more »

A Brief Overview of the Revised Expungement Procedures in New Jersey

Quick Tips: New Expungement Changes in New Jersey By: Devon Jones Tip #1. How long is the waiting period for indictable offenses? Prior to the expungement changes in New Jersey, an individual with a prior indictable (i.e. felony) conviction had to wait ten years before becoming qualified for an expungement. Under the new law, the… Read more »