Our highly qualified team here at the Law Offices of Robert F. Black, JR., of Union County is committed to nothing but the best. Our main goal is doing whatever we can to win for our clients. If you are a resident of Union County, New Jersey, we can work with you.

We Want to Build a Winning Defense

Our team is committed to building a defense that will help you win your defense. We use advanced research and analytics to build a perfect defense around you and your case. We are committed to providing the best defense possible for your money. Here are some of the cases we can build a defense for:

When you need a legal defense it’s important you get the best defense possible. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

We’re Here for the People of Union County

If you live in Union County, New Jersey or the surrounding areas we can build a perfect defense for you. Union County is located along Jersey Shore and is a part of the New York metropolitan area. We gladly offer our services to the 560,000 residents of Union County.

Union County is home to big cities such as Elizabeth, Union and Plainfield. Our offices in Long Branch and Freehold are short driving distances from Union County. If you can’t reach our offices, you can always reach us by email or the telephone.

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