Watch Out For Those Pretty Paralegals

I came across an interesting story in the ABA Law Journal yesterday that was both humorous and a great example of how prosecutors and judges really dislike drama in the court room.

According to court documents, an attorney in Florida was arrested for DWI midway through a high-profile defamation trial after unwittingly having drinks with a seductive paralegal from the law firm representing his client’s opponent. The full article can be found here.

The smitten attorney, C. Philip Campbell contended that his January 23 arrest, a few blocks away from the steakhouse at which he and the paralegal had been drinking, was setup by the opposing firm in the libel case, Adams & Diaco (no relation to Hannan & Black).

The paralegal, with whom Campbell had been drinking with, reportedly did not identify herself as an employee of Adam & Diaco and told the trial lawyer she was a paralegal with another firm.

While the two were having drinks, Adam Filthaut (yes that is his real name), a lawyer at Adams and Diaco, called a DUI sergeant with a tip that Campbell was drinking and would be driving. The police waiting near the restaurant for two hours before spotting and arresting him. Campbell refused a breath test (not advisable in New Jersey) but was arrested anyway.

Mr. Campbell pleaded not guilty and the charges against him were dropped. A memo from the States Attorney’s office claimed lack of evidence for their decision not to proceed as well as a concern that the conduct of the police and the opposing law firm “would become a significant issue which would be exploited by the defense.”

An FBI investigation to determine whether Campbell’s civil rights were violated is reportedly ongoing.

Good stuff.

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